"Mediatech" one of a professional microphone and headset manufacturer for PC and computer usage, was established in 1994. We engage in multimedia products, including multimedia microphone, headset, headphone with microphone, earphone with microphone and so on.

Our brand GALAXY and STARDUST are famous brands in worldwide. Our reputation for reliability is based on product innovation, high quality, honest service, competitive price, fast delivery and 12 months guarantee. All our products have "CE" approval.

When you are looking for great products at great price, you are sure to profit from sourcing Mediatech. Welcome for OEM or ODM project, Mediatech is your right partner in today's business.


Company Mediatech Industrial Inc. 
Established November, 1994
Office Location No.79, Lane 20, Sec.2, Jyh Yeu Road, Shih-Lin, Taipei 111, Taiwan
Employees 6 persons (Taipei office)
China Factory ShiWan Town, Boluo, Hui Zhou, GuangDong, China
China Staff 500 persons 
Main Products
A. Microphone:
            1. Tie-Clip microphone
            2. Desk Top microphone
            3. Gooseneck microphone
            4. Multimedia microphone
B. Headset:
            1. Stereo headphone with Mic
            2. Mono headphone with Mic
            3. Deluxe headphone with Microphone
            4. USB Headset
            5. For Cellular, educational and computer usage
C. Earphone:
            1. Stereo earphones / headphones
            2. Mono earphone with Mic
            3. For Cellular, educational and computer usage
D. USB Audio Adapter:
            USB Audio Adapter
Sales market rate
Bank  First Commercial Bank, Shih Lin branch, Taipei, Taiwan
A/C No. 192-10-034496 (swift code: FCBKTWTPXXX)